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Felixstowe Academy and Boost Felixstowe Announce Unique Partnership
As a new chapter begins in the life of Felixstowe Academy with a brand new building, we are delighted to announce the introduction of a new role with Josh Hunt, a Youth Worker from local charity, Boost Felixstowe.

The introduction of the role of ‘Academy Chaplain’ is a groundbreaking commitment between a non-faith education centre and local churches, and will see Youth Worker Josh Hunt increasing his involvement with us.  This role will go live at the start of the new academic year in September 2014.

This partnership is a development of the existing relationship between Boost Felixstowe and the Academy over the past six years, which has seen Boost holding the Christian Union ‘Fish on Friday’ sessions as well as regular prayer meetings for students and participating in wider community events within the town.

The Academy Chaplain role will increase Josh’s day to day involvement within the Academy community.   He will contribute to the pastoral support of students, make positive contributions to the Religious Education and PSHE curriculum, as well as building on existing activities.  All of this will provide the opportunity to explore faith based issues within a peer group and provide extra-curricular activities for students outside of the academic day.

Josh is excited about the role saying ‘Academy Chaplaincy is going to be a fantastic addition to the community of Felixstowe Academy. This project aims to support students, explore faith, and build community. It is a partnership we can be proud of and one which will benefit students as they journey through their school life.’

Academy Principal, Mr Andrew Salter said, ‘Moving into our new building over the past term has been extremely exciting after such a long wait.  September 2014 sees the beginning of a new era in education for the young people of Felixstowe as we start a new academic year under one roof from the very beginning.  The most important part of life and learning in an educational environment is the way in which people interact with each other. Learning how to live and work together to encourage, challenge, support and celebrate what we all do is at the heart of our work.  Our partnership with Boost Felixstowe is part of this and we are really looking forward to the opportunities that this partnership will create. Having Josh around every day will bring great benefit to us all, irrespective of faith or belief."

Boost have been working with young people within Felixstowe over the past 13 years, with some memorable projects including the Boost Bus and Town Centre Youth Café.  Boost are a faith based organisation, but are not faith biased – working with all young people regardless of religious belief or background.

To see Boost’s charter please visit www.boostfelixstowe.org.uk/inclusion

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