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Governing Board of Felixstowe Academy


AET Governor

Chair of the Governing Board

Having been Clerk to the Town Council for 29 years and a co-opted governor of the former Orwell High School for nearly 20, Mrs Susan Robinson was already well-known in Felixstowe when she became Chair of Governors for Felixstowe Academy this term. She describes the new governing body as ‘very talented’, and the opportunity to serve as Chairman as ‘a huge honour and a challenge’.

Born in Yorkshire, to an Army family, her education took her to six different schools all over the world, and this naturally informed her particular interest in young people. She has been involved in education in Felixstowe since the 1970s when she was a parent helper at her son’s school, Fairfield Infants, and remembers the 100th anniversary of the building of Felixstowe Central School which eventually became Fairfield.

She describes this as a time of the biggest opportunity for education in Felixstowe for three generations, with the amalgamation of the two schools, Academy status and launch of the new Academy campus. Her vision for the future, in this very unusual set of circumstances, is that the Academy should not only provide first class education for young people in Felixstowe, but become a beacon of excellence, attracting pupils to the town from beyond the surrounding area.

To contact Susan Robinson please use the following details:

Email: office@felixstoweacademy.org

By Post: Susan Robinson, c/o Felixstowe Academy, High Street, Felixstowe, IP11 9QR.

Telephone: (01394) 288228


AET Governor

Vice Chair of the Governing Board

Chair of the Behaviour and Safety Committee

I have lived in Felixstowe for much of my life apart from while I was studying for my degree and a short spell working in London. As a teenager I attended Deben High School and I am married with two children to another former Deben student! I work for Suffolk County Council as a Procurement Manager working on a wide variety of projects, developing anything from new school buildings to superfast broadband across the county. I have been a school governor for nearly 12 years, as a parent governor at Trimley St Mary Primary and also at the former Orwell High School. Currently I am an AET appointed governor at the new Felixstowe Academy and Chair of Governors at Langer Primary School. I am really looking forward to the future of the Felixstowe Academy; it feels like an exciting time for education in Felixstowe and I really enjoy playing an active part.


AET Governor

Chair of the Finance Committee

I was commissioned from RMA Sandhurst in 1969 and spent my working life in the Army until I retired in some 4 years ago. My parent Corps was the Royal Logistic Corps and I held a range of regimental and planning appointments including as member of the Directing Staff of the Zimbabwe Staff College thus giving me some experience of teaching. I also ran the Army's recruiting in London which bought me into contact with a wide range of educational establishments and organisations as well as a diverse cross section of young people.

Felixstowe has been my home base since 1990 and I would very much like to see the Academy succeed as an institution that will educate our young people to be successful in the 21st Century. This will require commitment, vision and sound management skills and I would like to play my small part in helping students of the academy towards academic and social success.


AET Governor

Chair of the Achievement Committee

Born in Neasden, London in 1964, I moved to Felixstowe from Ipswich in 1990 as I loved the town the people and the sailing. I have worked for BT since 1980, taking on many roles starting as an apprentice and now working as a Programme Manager at BT Adastral Park. In the past I have been heavily involved in the Felixstowe Carnival, organising several of the concerts and the airshows. I have also been on the board of Governors at Kingsfleet Primary School for five years. I have two boys one of whom attends the Academy. I hope my other boy will follow.

My view is that Felixstowe is lucky to have a great chance to create a superior new Academy building that will be packed with brand new teaching aids and the latest technology needed to educate our people further into the 21st Century. This must give our young people a great advantage for either work or further education.

I believe that as an Academy Governor I must be available for the Academy and also approachable for the parents and guardians. Further to this I would hope that the Academy is not just for the young but should be inclusive for both the young and not so young within our community.


AET Governor

Mrs Sally-Anne Page is a local businesswoman and parent who has previously been a Governor at Bucklesham School, and became a Parent Governor at Orwell High School (now Felixstowe Academy). She sees the current development of the Academy as a very exciting time.

Her particular passions are establishing Student Democracy, and with it Student Voice. As part of her work with School Councils UK, she has helped to set up and run effective school councils and would like to see young people’s democracy, nationally, in general widened. She co-ran a workshop for the National Youth Parliament (representing students from 14 - 19) on how to communicate better with school councils, and hopes to engender a positive attitude in students and parents, through real listening, to help the academy achieve bigger and better things. She very much wants to have an input into policies which directly affect the students and her ethos is: 'I want the Academy to provide everything we would want for our own children, but more so!'


Parent Governor

I, like every other parent at Felixstowe Academy want the best for my children. I want them to be happy, confident individuals able to make a positive impact on their environment. As parents we need to insist the Academy allows our children to be the very best they can be. We need to support the school and the Principal but when necessary we should also put them under tough scrutiny.

I have one child at Felixstowe Academy, and another who will be joining in a few years’ time.  Therefore my aim is not just about the here and now but also to make sustainable changes for the future pupils of the school.

I have previously been Parent Governor and Vice-Chairman for Kingsfleet Governors, where I played an active role in all aspects of the role, including Special Educational Needs, Early Years and Science and I will be looking to draw on these experiences.

Felixstowe needs the Academy to be a success for all of our children.  As someone who has come through the schooling system in Felixstowe myself, I am passionate to make the Academy a success, build on its current reputation and help it improve further.


Parent Governor

I have lived in Felixstowe since I was twelve having completed my primary education abroad, in Army schools.  I attended Orwell High School, on returning to England, and then later Felixstowe Sixth Form.  I have one child who is about to complete their time at Felixstowe Academy and a daughter who is looking forward to starting later this year.

As an Academy Governor I have a responsibility to ensure that I support our Academy and Principal while not being afraid to ask challenging questions and insist on the very best education for our children.

I absolutely believe that Felixstowe Academy has to be the pride of our community.  It has to deliver teaching excellence that inspires our children to do their best and achieve their full potential.  When it comes to parents making that difficult decision in the future of their child's education they should have no hesitation in making Felixstowe Academy their first choice.