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Family First

Mrs D Wilding, BaSE Support Manager

I have enjoyed working with young people for around 15 years now in both a voluntary youth work and school context, I am passionate about promoting positive well being and enjoy working in partnership with parents/carers. Part of my role in the Academy is establishing short and long-term Behavioural and Social, Emotional interventions designed to support students. I like to take opportunities to develop and improve communication with parents/carers. In doing so provide opportunities for parents/carers and their children to engage with Felixstowe Academy with the aim of improving progress, attendance and attainment.

I am committed to promoting the welfare of safeguarding children and young people.

I have put together some useful websites below, please feel free to contact me with any additional suggestions you have found helpful.

Key Dates


Year 10 Sex and Relationships Conference
During a recent conference for Year 10 students I co-facilitated a workshop on building better relationships with parents approximately 100 students attended this workshop they felt that to build better relationships you need open communication and spending time together as a family. Something that struck a chord was that they would like parent/carers to put their phones away and give them their full attention something I am sure that most of us have also said that our children need to do.

Strengthening Families Programme
I am trained as a Strengthening Families Programme Facilitator and have enjoyed being part of delivering this programme.

The programme uses a mixture of DVDs, discussion and activities to look at children's development and behaviour and work on practical strategies that you can use to improve the relationship with your children. The young people learn about how to resist peer pressure, handle stress and appreciate parents/carers.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in attending please contact me for more information or look out for the dates of the next course when they are published in the Autumn term.

Some feedback was given from parents and young people involved in the Strengthening Families Programme:

"I have learnt we are not alone."

"We have gained new strengths and now work better together."

"Thank you for the advice and support."

"My son and I have looked forward to coming here each week."

"We have gained a new respect for each other as a family."

Useful Websites