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School Twinning

Out of Africa!

Bridging the gap for worldwide learning.

Walking along school corridors, you would expect to hear music, laughter and learning, but it's not often that the sound can be heard the other side of the world!

Students and staff at Felixstowe Academy were delighted when their academy began a partnership with The Open Air School, in Durban, South Africa this month, in what promises to be an enriching and culturally beneficial relationship for both communities.

The two schools officially 'twinned' via a Skype call on Thursday 9 February, as part of the Open Air School's 96th Birthday. Representing the Academy were members of Felixstowe Academy's Social Events Committee, Hazel Stokoe and Owen Doyle alongside Chaplains Joshua Hunt and Lynne Bailie. Sixth Form student Samuel Allen, who is chair of the Social Events Committee, said, 'It was great being able to talk to people in the same position as us half way across the world. I am so grateful to Josh and the team for allowing me to be part of the experience!'

Anthony Williams, Principal of Felixstowe Academy, said of the partnership, 'This is such a wonderful and unique experience for our students and staff. It is partnerships such as this, that make learning and education so special and memorable for all involved.'

Open Air School Principal, Noel Moodley, said as a Rotarian at the Rotary Club of Burban Bay, he and the club president, Marion Spence, hosted a Rotarian from the UK, Alan Peats who had loved the ethos of Open Air School and proposed the twinning of the school with Felixstowe Academy in Suffolk.

'It was exciting to be able to be in contact with the school via Skype, as this is a novelty for us. We had a very special day at the school, and through our assembly, we received a donation of astroturf for our foundation phase and the whole school was treated to breyani and cool drinks. We're going to have to do something even bigger for our 100th birthday!' said Noel.

Both schools look forward to continued contact between staff and students via both video calls and emails, sharing their experiences of culture and learning from 6,000 miles apart.

School Twinning Press Release February 2017