Behaviour and Discipline

Here at Felixstowe Academy we believe that school should be a safe and welcoming environment for all members of the school community. We have a set of School Values which are central to the way that we expect everyone to treat each other in school.

We do not tolerate bullying of any kind but understand the importance of ensuring that we are not naïve to think that it never happens in our school. To truly address the issue, you have to admit that it happens and put the systems and staff in place to deal with it.

There are many ways for students who are being bullied to deal with the issue. The most important is to 'say something'. Never bottle it up or sweep it under the carpet. The policy outlines the ways that students can report any bullying.

One increasing bullying problem is cyber-bullying. This is where bullying occurs over electronic communication methods, such as online or over a text. Cyber-bullying is often anonymous and can be easier for bullies to use as it means they do not have to face their victims.

This page contains a set of links to helpful websites which deal with issues of cyber-bullying. We hope you find them useful

Childnet - a range of resources for childen and young people, their families and teachers - one of the first websites set up in this area, for young people providing advice around preventing and taking action against cyberbullying. A Canadian-based site.

Chat Danger - a website that informs about the potential dangers online (including bullying), and advice on how to stay safe while chatting

Connexions - a website for young people relating to a guide to life, money and getting around.

Websafecrackers - A website for children and young people focusing on cyberbullying and how to deal with phone abuse. It's free to email, chat, phone or text them for advice.

Internet Safety Zone - Has useful information for parents, teachers and children on cyberbullying and how to tackle it

ThinkUKNow - Information from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre on how to stay safe online

Bullying Online - A multi-award winning anti-bullying charity. Their website is user friendly and regularly updated. Practical help on all aspects of cyberbullying for students and parents

KidSmart - Provides resources including lesson plans, leaflets, posters and games