Project Based Learning

Foundational Values
PBL is designed to break students out of the box of conventional thinking by having them engage the world, exceed standards, and deliver creative solutions to authentic issues.

PBL teaches academic content, but in depth, not in quantity. PBL offers a learning experience that seamlessly blends core concepts, key facts, reflective thinking, careful judgment, and skillful application of knowledge - all of which coalesce into a solution to a meaningful problem.

In life and learning, skills and strengths now assume a role equal to or paramount to content acquisition, and so PBL is a way of delivering high quality, high impact learning which values skills and content.

Format of the Projects

1. Design
Each PBL project is designed in-house by a creative team of staff and senior leaders, and incorporates core curriculum content, relevant skills, and a real-life issue.
We say that PBL is a great example of REAL:
  • Rigorous
  • Engaging
  • Authentic
  • Learning
Each project is reviewed and refreshed every year, and differentiated for students.

2. Launch
Every project starts with an essential question and an interactive 'Project Launch' - designed to get students thinking, using their imagination and engaging in the project through multiple learning styles.

3. Project Work
Some projects require students to work as individuals, others require students to work in teams. These teams are either mixed-ability, streamed according to previous progress, or student chosen.

Marking criterias are printed out for each student so they know what they should be achieving throughout, and intermittent assessments gauge the level of student's performance throughout each project. Even projects completed in teams, students are assessed individually.

4. Exhibition
Each project ends with a public exhibition (exhibition dates shown here) for students to showcase their work. Pupil perception surveys show that this greatly encourages students to produce outstanding work as they know it will be on display to family and friends.

Overview of PBL