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Climbing the Walls!

posted 9 Apr 2014, 03:55 by Google Google   [ updated 9 Apr 2014, 03:56 ]

GCSE PE Students at Copleston High School Climbing Wall

January 2014

As part of one of their practical activities chosen for their GCSE PE course Nat Adams, Amy Leonard, Charley Wyer, Calum Dolan and Ellie Anthony have chosen rock climbing. The students have teamed up with students and instructors from Kesgrave High School and are using the wall at Copleston High School.


This is the first time that GCSE PE students are trying this outdoor and adventurous activity as part of their GCSE practical and they are really enjoying it. They will do the climbing over 3 sessions which began at Kesgrave High School some weeks ago with the instructor learning safety, how to put the equipment on properly, knots and the basic belaying technique.

As part of their second session the students got to climb on the indoor wall at Copleston High School. They began with a revision on their knots and belaying, but as they had remembered the work from the previous session they were able to climb very quickly. The students got to have several climbs allowing them to practice different holds using their hands and practice a technique that enables them to climb up onto a ledge.


The climbs varied in degrees of difficult from the height of the wall to the angle of the wall, but all five students had a go at these different climbs and the happiness from the students that they had reached the top could be seen across their faces. The instructors were really pleased with the progress made with the students in the 2 hour session and everybody is now looking forward to the assessment in 2 week’s time.