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Praise for Team Attitude and Respect

posted 9 Jan 2015, 08:48 by Web Admin

Academy team breaks goal record...

The match against Alexanders College was always going to be a different type of game due to the student numbers they are able to select from. 

Alexanders College used players from Years 9-11 to make a team to play our Year 10s.  Whilst Mr Cain and I are very proud of the boys for their performance, we are more impressed by their attitude. They were respectful throughout the entire game and really helped their players. They were constantly talking to them, providing feedback and encouraging them. 

Every time we scored the players would collect the ball for them and run back to the centre spot. If they made a mistake our players would let them try again to allow them an opportunity to improve as this match was the first competitive match they have ever played as a team and these students board at the college and do not play weekend football like the Felixstowe Academy students do.   Our players would go and collect the ball for them if it had been kicked away. 

This report will not do justice to the attitude of the team. Mr Cain and I feel so proud to be involved with this team as they are firstly great professionals, have respect for themselves and others, and of course have a fantastic level of ability. 

The Year 10 squad included:
  • Adam Hart
  • Callim Fratel
  • Matt Tetley
  • Lewis Hutchings
  • Luke Slater
  • Dan Horton
  • Matt Hazell
  • Vincent Ramiloza 
  • Luke Barnes
  • Kieran Dolan
  • Ben Barkes
  • Farron Leggett-Gage
  • Nathan Baker
  • George Rawnsley
  • Ryan Baldwin
  • Jordan Donnelly