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New Build News

Academy Staff on Tour

The programme of New Build site visits for staff is now underway, with members of the Science, Maths and Pastoral Support teams being the first to take a sneak peek at this exciting  development.

Tours for Felixstowe Academy staff are planned right through to February 2014, with departments being staggered over this time as relevant areas are completed.  Student tours will be starting in 2014 as we head towards our grand opening in April 2014.

The New Build Project continues to be right on track for completion.  External panelling is almost complete, with the distinct colour blocks on the outer walls bringing to life the images only seen previously within the artist’s designs.  Within the building, furniture is now being added to Science and Art areas, and internal wall plastering adding shape and flow to each of the three floors.


Signed and Steeled!

With less than a year until Felixstowe’s new educational centre is complete, we are delighted to report that the final steel girder has been set into the building frame!

We were honoured that The Mayor of Felixstowe - Councillor Jan Garfield and her Consort - Councillor Jon Garfield, were able to join Principal Mr Salter with two Year 7 students, Brooke Evans and Aaron Durrant, Business Manager Mrs Flint and Project Manager Paul Whieldon in signing the final girder to be placed.

Both Academy students are part of the Academy’s New Build Focus Group, and as the youngest members they were given the honour of signing their names alongside the Mayor of Felixstowe.