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Academy Students on the Ball at AET Student Council Conference

posted 7 Mar 2014, 06:28 by Google Google   [ updated 7 Mar 2014, 06:28 ]
Students from Felixstowe Academy played a key part at the recent AET national Student Council Conference – and returned as hosts of the 2014 Conference!

The Felixstowe student delegation was made up of members of the Academy’s Student Council and represented the full spectrum of year groups to ensure we maximised the experience across a wide range of age groups.

The conference delivered a mix of expert speakers alongside fun team building and task sessions that made sure students from different parts of the country interacted and problem solved together.  Presentation subjects included topics such as Self Belief, Motivation and most importantly the ‘Seven habits of a highly effective teenage’.

By far the most interactive session for students (and staff!) was the Aball1 session delivered by Kieran Nokes   Not only did delegates have to work together on physical problem solving tasks, but also had to use the special footballs to create words and team names!

Debbie Godwin, Partnerships Leader for AET, was delighted by the participation of our students saying, ‘I just wanted to say what a delight your students were at the conference.  One of the aims of the event was to enable the students to mix with fellow students from other AET academies, and Felixstowe Academy students really contributed to the whole event’

Ollie Smith, Joint Chair of the Academy Student Council really enjoyed the event, ‘It was great to have the time to get to know other members the student council better, and to work as a team in some of the tasks.   It will be good to see how we could use the things we learnt at the event into to the student council at Felixstowe Academy.’

Jamie Calver added, 'It was interesting and nice to meet people that have the same interests and roles as you do.’

Charlie Wyer felt the event not only helped our students to bond, saying ‘it was really good to meet with students from other Academies, and make new friends.  This event really helped us to work with people we had never met before. ’  Many Facebook contacts were shared at the event!

Mr Lawson-Frost, Student Voice Liaison at Felixstowe Academy felt it was a great experience for the students ‘The Conference was an excellent chance to meet up with other likeminded members of the AET, students and staff to share good  practice on all things ‘Student Voice’.  Can’t wait to host the conference in Felixstowe in October 2014!’

Students representing Felixstowe Academy were:

Year 7 - Katie Bridges-Burns and Kai Kerry

Year 9 - Jamie Calver, Alex Golden and Kirsty Laird

Year 11 - Ollie Smith, Ellis Whalley and Charley Wyer

Sixth Form - John Page and Jessica Rowbotham