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Bright Start to Academy Year!

posted 7 Mar 2014, 06:11 by Google Google   [ updated 7 Mar 2014, 06:12 ]
Students launched into the new academic year on the brightest and hottest day in September for seven years, buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what will be a momentous year for everyone at the Felixstowe Academy.

Our staggered arrival plan for both campus sites on the first day ensured that students from each year group were given time to acclimatise to returning to the new term which for some included starting at a new campus.

This included our brand new Year 7 students, who were welcomed to their new Academy by Principal Mr Salter, Year 7 Achievement Director Mrs Redford and the Year 7 Tutor team.  If these students were nervous, it didn’t show as they all walked onto the Maidstone Campus with bright smiles and a keenness to see their old friends, and to meet new ones, after the summer break.

The students then went to work on the Felixstowe Academy Shield Challenge as part of their induction day.

Students from across the main Academy had to work in small groups of three or four to create a shield concept that could represent their year group for their time at the Academy.   This challenge threw the students straight in the creative deep-end, encouraging teamworking with people they may had only recently met.

The two elements students had to present were:

·         A shield design for the year group: this had to have a rationale on clear lines, with a link with the local area and young people.  The design had to be no larger than A4 and contain only four colours other than black or white.

·         The motto: this had to represent and help all of the students in the year group and stand the test of time until they leave the Academy as young adults.  The motto couldn’t be more than six words

Each group had to produce a sales pitch and were asked to give an explanation as to how the design was created, using the resources provided to give them a clear rationale.  The tasks encouraged the students to work to tight deadlines and demands, and to high standards.

At the end of the process, students then had to vote for their Form Group favourite, which would then be submitted for the Year Group final vote!

The Year Group winners will feature within the newsletter and the Academy website soon!