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Champion Mathematicians!

posted 17 Jul 2014, 09:04 by Web Admin

Year 7 Team Win Suffolk Competition

This year's maths competition was held at Farlingaye High School.  Five Suffolk schools were involved including Farlingaye, Copleston, Kesgrave, Debenham and Felixstowe Academy.  

The competition consisted of four rounds of mathematical problem solving activities.  After the first round (a treasure hunt question solving activity) the Felixstowe Academy  team stormed ahead correctly answering six questions while others had completed only three or four.  At the buzzer, the team had dropped to 4th place having made a mistake on one of their questions letting three other teams overtake them at the end of the round.   All was not lost as there was only 6 points between the leaders, with three rounds still to go.


The second round was a logic puzzle, where the team had to arrange statements into a logical order and workout statistics about them (see attached photos). Felixstowe excelled at this task, and completed it with 8 minutes to spare.  They then used this time to ensure that each of them understood what they had done, and all agreed they were correct.  Some of the other teams were given a bit of guidance to help them come up with a solution.

The scores at the end of the second round where:

1. Debenham High School               90pts

2. Felixstowe Academy                   84pts

3. Farlingaye High School                81pts

4. Kesgrave High School                 74pts

5. Copleston High School                 44pts

 The third round gave the teams 60 seconds to answer each question.  After a confident start and completing the first 5 questions correctly, the team lost a bit of composure and answered four incorrectly.  After a rallying call to regroup, the team stormed through the next 5 questions getting all correct.   Some of these questions were very challenging, especially with a timer hanging over their heads.  The pressure was starting to tell for many of the teams.  By the end of the round Felixstowe Academy had clawed their way back into second place for the round.  A great attempt from Copleston kept them just 1 point ahead.

Round four was the "tower building" round.  Task to build a tall tower using paper.  Some intriguing designs were forthcoming.   Felixstowe decided to go for a thin circular structure.  This was very stable and enabled the team to build their tower to 2 metres 10 cms.  Farlingaye built a tower that was taller, but at the crucial measurement stage, the tower toppled, giving Felixstowe the round victory.  Points were also awarded for style and build structure.  At the end of the competition the scores were very close:

1. Felixstowe Academy                                  130 pts

2. Kesgrave High School                                   127 pts

3. Debenham High School                               120 pts

An excellent victory for the team, with a very great group performance with each student being involved in every round.  

Congratulations to the six students involved: Eva Porter, Rachel Thompson, Nudursha Jeyakanthan, Michael Harvey, Sam Walker and Connor Dennis