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‘Childhood’ Remembered and Shared

posted 27 Feb 2015, 08:04 by Web Admin   [ updated 27 Mar 2015, 09:12 ]

Reminiscence project concludes with public presentation of students creative work...

‘Fun’, ‘exciting’ and ‘creative’!  These were the words repeated over and again by students when asked to describe their participation in  the ‘Suffolk at Play’ project which ran every week throughout the Autumn Term.

Year 8 students Zelal Bicen, Levi McAllan, Jessica Ozanne, Eva Porter,  Calise Roadnight, Finn Shephard and Harrison Ward all volunteered to take part in the reminiscence project, facilitated by Suffolk Art Link.  Our students shared stories of their childhood with members of the local community from an older generation, recording these discussions to create a booklet and produce an animation video.  The booklet and video were presented to the public at a presentation in Felixstowe Library.  

Mrs Collin loved being part of the project, saying ‘I was really pleased to have been involved with such a wonderful group of students in ‘Suffolk at Play’. It was lovely to talk about how we were the same, but different in our youth and it brought back lots of memories from my childhood. 

Seeing the project at the end and all the work that went into it from everyone was very rewarding. All the students involved showed real commitment to the project and really enjoyed taking part.’  

Eva was surprised to find that ‘we had similar interests as the older group when we were really young.  It was great to hear about the games they had played and to find that we had things in common’.

Jess enjoyed the interaction with the older group too, saying ‘we had lots of fun with the other group – I saw them in a different light when they talked about their childhood, and their favourite sweets!’  Zelal added ‘it was great to be able to put these memories into an animation video and booklet.  I was excited seeing the final version of the animation video on the Cube and seeing the other group once again.’ 

If you have a chance to pop into Felixstowe Library you can see the animation on the Suffolk at Play Cube, as well as look at the scrapbooks and 
booklet of their shared memories. You can  also view them at the Suffolk Art Link website.