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Core English Subjects and Vocational Courses stand out for Distinction!

posted 15 Aug 2014, 13:40 by Web Admin   [ updated 22 Aug 2014, 08:22 ]

Students of Felixstowe Academy were in bright and early collecting their ‘brown envelopes’ to reveal their A Level and Vocational results.  Although many students arrived knowing that they had secured key university places, nerves and emotions were still on edge until the results were pulled from the envelope!

Sasha Lawson-Frost and Joanne Baldry were amongst the first students to arrive – and although they had confirmations of university places were still full of anticipation for what their results envelope would reveal. 

Sasha discovered that she had secured her place to study Philosophy at University College London with results which included A* grades in English Literature and History amongst her six A Level qualifications!  At the same moment Joanne discovered that her results in Biology, Chemistry and Maths had secured her placement at the University of Brighton to study Bio Medicine – enabling her to build towards a medical career.

Results from this year’s A Level and Vocational exams at Felixstowe Academy have highlighted real progress in the attainment of A* to C grades within English Language and Literature alongside a second year of growth in the achievement of Distinction*/Distinction grades within BTEC vocational courses.

The Academy is delighted that all English Literature students achieved A* to B grades, with 75% of students achieving the A*/A grade in this subject.  It was also pleasing to see growth in the number of students achieving A* to C in English Language, with 68% of English Language students achieving the higher grades.

Also celebrating was Tarryn Stuart, accompanied by her mother and step-father, and was also one of the English department's high achievers.  The emotion within Tarryn’s reaction as she opened her enveloped to discover four ‘A’ grades reflected the joy that her hard work had paid off.  The excitement in these results was also shared by her mother who had supported Tarryn in her home studies who said ‘My husband has had to suffer with a bit of neglect over the past year as Tarryn and I worked really hard at home to support her courses!’  A clearly delighted Tarryn knows exactly what she will be doing next few years saying ‘Before I go to university to study Psychology, I am going to take a year out to gain some work experience in a Health Care business before spending some time travelling.’

Reflecting an improvement in last year’s results, over 42% of Vocational students attained the very highest Distinction* grades, with over half achieving Distinction*/Distinction grades.  This improvement was shown in key vocational subject areas such as Business Studies, Travel & Tourism, Media and Health & Social Care. 

Students Byron Melton, Daniel Read and Megan Fitzgerald were all celebrating double awards of Distinction* grades alongside their A Level results!

Byron was clearly delighted that his Distinction* grades in Media Studies and Travel & Tourism with fantastic A Level grades in English Language and French securing his place at the University of Portsmouth to study for his degree in Journalism.

Daniel’s Distinction* grades in Business Studies and PE, alongside great A Level grades in Applied Science and ICT, ensured he will be studying for his Sports & Exercise Science degree at Nottingham Trent University.

For Megan, her journey towards becoming a Primary School teacher was a step closer after she secured Distinction* grades in Business Studies and Health & Social Care  alongside A Levels in Sociology and English Language to book her place at the University of Bedfordshire for a degree in Education Studies.  Megan, who has also supplemented her studies with work experience in Primary Schools, wanted to acknowledge the inspirational support of local teachers saying ‘I would really like to thank Mrs Moss of Causton Junior School and Mrs Hartley along with all my teachers at Felixstowe Academy for their support and guidance’.

Results Day wasn't just about securing places at university, many students have entered the world of work after their time at Sixth Form.  Jack Kirton, collecting his results before heading into work was pleased that he had started a full time job with China Shipping saying 'I am really pleased to have started a career - my first proper job from my first interview!' 

Within other subject areas, 40% of Sociology students achieved A*/A Grades, with over half of Maths students, and all Further Maths students, achieving A* to C.

Felixstowe Academy Principal, Mr Andrew Salter said of the results 'It was really good to welcome our students back into the Academy to collect their results today.  Once again I am delighted that we have been able to support all our students in obtaining results that they thoroughly deserve, and wish all of them the very best of luck in their future education and career.'

Head of Sixth Form, Mr Darryl James added 'In view of the A level reforms and the withdrawal of the January exam series, I am so pleased that so many of our students and staff have achieved very good grades. It was particularly pleasing to see the progress made by our students in vocational courses which seem to go from strength to strength'