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First Day Arrangements for Students on Wednesday 7th September 2011

posted 7 Mar 2014, 03:30 by Google Google   [ updated 7 Mar 2014, 03:36 ]

First day arrangements of the new Autumn Term on Wednesday 7th September are:

Garrison Campus

8.30am:   New Year 7 students arrive through the main school entrance met by Miss Saiko and Year 7 tutors. They are then taken to their tutor base.

8.45am:   Year 7 Assembly in the Upper School Hall.

9.00am:   Year 7 students to return to tutor bases to receive planners/timetable/etc...

9.15am:   Year 8 arrive and go to their tutor base to meet their tutor.

9.30am:   Year 8 go to the Upper School Hall for an assembly accompanied by their tutor.

9.50am:   Year 8 go back to their tutor base to receive planners/timetable/etc...

10.00am: Year 9 arrive and go directly to their tutor base. Tutors bring them to the Upper School Hall for their assembly.

10.10am: Year 9 assembly in the Upper School Hall.

10.35am: Breaktime for Year’s 7 to 9

10.35am: During breaktime, Year 10 arrive on campus.

10.50am: Year’s 7, 8 and 9 return to their tutor bases to continue with return to school activities.

10.50am: Year 10 go to the Upper School Hall for an assembly with the Senior Leadership Team.

11.00am: Year 12 and 13 arrive on site and go to their tutor base.

11.15am: Year 10 go to their tutor base to join Year 9 in their vertical tutor group.

11.30am: Year 11 arrive in school and go directly to the Upper School Hall for an assembly with the Senior Leadership Team.

11.50am: Year 11 go to their tutor base to join Year 9 and 10 in their vertical tutor group to start/continue to receive planners/timetable/etc...

12 noon:  Year 12 and 13 go to Upper School Hall for assembly with the Senior Leadership Team

12.20pm: Year 7 go to lunch.

12.35pm: Lunchtime for all other Year groups.

1.15pm:   All Year groups go to Lesson 3 according to their new timetable.

2.50pm:   All students leave the site at the end of Day 1


Maidstone Campus


8.30 – 10.35am: Years 7 arrive (+ any pupils arriving by bus)

Yr 7 line up in Communities in playground and escorted to assembly by School Achievement Coordinator’s (SAC’s) and Annie Cawthorn. Pupils  to sit in Communities.

Assembly A Cawthorn/P Doyle

Pupils escorted to tutor rooms by SACs/other available staff

In tutor groups tutors to go through the use of the School Planner, Mentoring and Tracking of Progress booklets and Year 7 activity

10.35am: BREAK

10.55am: Yrs 8, 9, 10 and 11 arrive and go to tutor groups – meet Yr 7 students – go through planners, mentor booklet, expectations etc

Years 12 and 13 arrive and meet with tutors (separate activities for 6th formers)