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Glitz and Glamour Light Up The Show

posted 7 Mar 2014, 06:43 by Google Google   [ updated 7 Mar 2014, 06:43 ]

Year 11 Prom Fashion Show

For many Year 11 students, the Prom is considered one of the highlights of the academic year, and so it should come as no surprise to hear that the students were beaming with enthusiasm for the Prom Fashion Show.  In preparation for the show, many of the students involved said that they felt excited but nervous about going on stage in front of such a large crowd.

The general feeling was one of energy and excitement, and this clearly came across in the various events of the evening. Chloe Coleman, one of the models for the show, said she felt “fairly confident, but also nervous … I’ve never done anything like this before”. For most of the students involved on the catwalk, this was an entirely new experience, which has helped them build confidence, as well as making new friends and merging together as a group.  Mica Penton described preparing for the show as “really fun, and it’s a great place to get to know people”.  For many people, this event was also one of the last projects they would be involved in during their time at Felixstowe Academy, before moving on to Sixth Form or college. “This is going to be the last event where we’re all together as a year group” said James Gorski, “so I’m glad we’ve made it as good as it is”.  The commitment and enthusiasm of the students really paid off at the end, with the organisers of the event praising the effort and professionalism of all those involved.

This year, the fashion show was organised in collaboration with a number of local businesses, including the Jewellery Box, who supplied all the dresses for the show, Coes, who supplied the suits and Hills The Jewellers who donated a £50 voucher as a prize.

The Jewellery Box is also supporting the Academy this year by donating £5 to the school for every dress they sell.  In addition to this, all prom dresses sold on the night, and for the following days, were reduced by 20% to celebrate the fashion show. Corrina Horne, from the Jewellery box said that the models “were looking really good, and they’ve put a lot of effort into the show. I’m really impressed”. Coes supplied a range of formal menswear for the show, including suits, waistcoats and bow-ties in a range of colours and Charles Clayton, a representative from Coes, said he thought the accessories would “add a touch of brightness and flamboyance to their outfits, rather than just a traditional black tie”.

As well as the catwalk itself, the evening also involved the presentation of the new Textiles Award, for GCSE Textiles students, sponsored by the Jewellery Box. The award was won by Naomi Arnold, with Diana Bannister as runner-up.  This was then followed by a demonstration of their coursework projects, based on the idea of ‘sustainability and recycling’, including a stylish denim dress and a dress made of Pokémon cards.  The event was also used to promote Stage Door’s upcoming production of ‘Seussical’, with a couple of quirky musical numbers being performed by some of the cast.

Overall, the Prom Fashion show has been a rewarding and memorable experience for all those involved, and has been a very successful fundraiser for the 2014 Year 11 Prom

Sasha Lawson-Frost

Sixth Form Media Team