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‘Hard Work’ Pays Off for Students at Felixstowe Academy

posted 22 Aug 2014, 05:27 by Web Admin   [ updated 16 Dec 2014, 07:16 ]

The long journey towards achieving a first set of qualifications came to an end for Felixstowe Academy’s Year 11 students on GCSE results day – with many acknowledging that their ‘hard work’ and ‘social life’ sacrifice had secured excellent exam results.

As students collected their results envelopes, one phrase kept being repeated ‘the hard work was worth it.’

Student Jordan Astley acknowledged the effort that went into his achievement of four A* grades, four A grades and 2 B grades at GCSE saying ‘It is like a great weight has been lifted – I am really pleased that all the effort that went into my studies has paid off.  I really had to try harder in Year 10 and 11, but these results show that if you work hard you can get the results.’

Sean Bennett, who had achieved three A* grades, five A grades and two B grades, agreed adding ‘Revision didn’t agree with me, but hey – it paid off and I can live with these results!’

Academy Principal Mr Salter paid tribute to the resilience of this year group, who have faced much change over their five year journey in secondary education, and thanked staff for their support.  Mr Salter said ‘All this has been achieved at a time of great change for staff and students in making the momentous move from two schools into one new Academy build.  This has been an enormous challenge we have all had to undertake whilst also delivering our core purpose - a good education for every child.’

The Academy was delighted that more than half of our subject areas have matched or beaten the national A* to C grade figures. This achievement is from subjects’ right across the spectrum, including subjects such as Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Performing Arts, Music, Textiles, Media, Business Studies and a new more demanding course in ICT.

Felixstowe Academy also saw a third of subject areas making significant improvement in students achieving A*/A grades. 

Students Alice Sherwin, who achieved seven A* grades alongside three A grades, and Holly Taylor, who achieved an A* grade along with seven A grades and a B grade, were ‘ecstatic’ with their results.  Jessica Ellery, who also achieved a Distinction* along with A and B grades, summed how they were all feeling by adding ‘our social life had to suffer over the past year, but the time spent in revising was worth it!’

Results from all Science subjects improved against last year, with 27% of the students gaining A*/A grades, whilst in Biology, Chemistry and Physics 90% of students gained A* to C grades in line with last year’s national figures.

Calvin Chong, who collected his results with his family in support, was delighted that his grades will allow him to go on to study Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at A Level.  A smiling Calvin said ‘I am really pleased with my results – they are very good.  I tried really hard right through years 7 to 10, it was hard work.  It all clicked into place for me at Easter and I made sure I attended extra sessions in my own time to make sure I got the results I needed’

Felixstowe Academy will be resubmitting English coursework for the whole year group as the final adjusted results, which had been independently marked and graded, were lowered across the year group, and did not reflect the strong grades achieved through examinations.  As a result 58% of students gained grades A*to C in English.

However, students making expected progress from the point they leave primary school increased by 12% on last year, despite the impending coursework re-mark. Students making the greater than expected progress measure was in line with last year's performance. 

Students gaining A*to C in Maths dropped slightly to 53%, but the Academy continues to see the number of students making ‘More than Expected Progress improve by 3%.  

Student Catherine Monk achieved an A* in Maths and plans to go on to study Maths, ICT, Biology and Chemistry at A Level acknowledged that ‘It was such hard work but the result is fantastic!’

For student Keelan Swift-Stalley, additional work in his personal time attending Half Term courses and after school revision sessions, helped him achieve his B grade in Maths.  He said ‘I am really excited by these results – the revision sessions made such a difference’.   This grade was achieved along with his Distinction* in Performing Arts, Distinction in Music, A grade in English Literature and grade B in English Language.  

Director of Maths, Mrs Munday made sure she was with the students on results day saying ‘What a pleasure to be with the Academy students as they received their GCSE Maths results this morning.  We have seen some outstanding individual results and it is a testament to the hard work and determination of the students and teachers and support staff.’

The measure of A* to C including Maths and English remained static this year, with 43% of students achieving these results.  The Academy strongly believes that with the resubmission of coursework for the whole cohort, this figure will improve (please click on the following link to see the outcome of the Academy's challenge of these results: Academy Challenge of Summer Exam Grades Achieves Results)