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Progress Praised

KS3 Learning any subject is not always a smooth upward curve and sometimes a student can lose confidence, take a dip with their progress or veer off track.  Mr Jones, the KS3 Maths coordinator keeps a close eye on this and where extra support or input is required students are invited to after-school booster classes. 

Soaring ahead in terms of progress compared to the Autumn 1 result are: 
  • Hollie Bullimore, 
  • Charlotte Caley, 
  • Adam Miaoulis, 
  • Craig Uttridge, 
  • Sam Walker, 
  • Charlotte Balaam, 
  • Daniel Corder, 
  • Michael MacLeod, 
  • Katie Marshall, 
  • Mandy Ripper, 
  • Ellena Ward, 
  • Rae Imlach, 
  • Gvidas Samaitis. 
We are very proud of the above students and they will each receive a Maths certificate. 

In the first round of intervention which took place in the first half of the spring term we are pleased to congratulate the following invited students who have made pleasing progress and therefore no longer need to be invited to the next round of intervention. 
  • Adele Baldwin
  • Zelal Bicen 
  • Tony Burgess
  • Ella Butcher
  • Imogen Cochrane 
  • Isobel Goodman 
  • Bethany Hart 
  • Rae Imlach
  • Becky Knights
  • James Lamb 
  • Brandon Law
  • Vicky Luu
  • Michael MacLeod
  • Megan Potter
  • Mandy Ripper 
  • Dovydas Samaitis
  • Gvidas Samaitis
  • Sean Vickers
  • Eloise Vince