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Robocup CoSpace Day at BT Adastral Park

posted 7 Mar 2014, 06:25 by Google Google   [ updated 7 Mar 2014, 06:25 ]

Felixstowe Academy was represented by eight of its students at BT to be amongst the first in the country to have a go at the CoSpace challenge.

The students were excited as they arrived at Adastral Park to be briefed by Pam Popay from BT about the challenge that faced them. They had to programme virtual robots to manoeuvre around a course, collecting and depositing counters to gain points. They had to avoid traps which stole their points. The students worked in teams of two, with the support of BT employees, to problem-solve and create a strategy which would hopefully help them to accrue more points than other teams.

Having completed their programmes the teams competed with teams from three other schools and academies from Suffolk and Essex to see who could accumulate the most points in five minutes.

The atmosphere was tense as robots did not always behave as anticipated. Felixstowe Academy teams acquitted themselves well and one of our teams, Lucy and Kira, had the most points from their four games at the end of the day. The two teams with the most points then ran one final game and the girls were just beaten by a team from Westbourne School.

All participants received a certificate and are looking forward to helping others have a go in the Academy. BT intends to run a local and national competition using this programme next year and we hope that the Academy will be represented.

The Year 8 students who took part were; Lucy Borrett, Ben Branton, Sammy Coldron, Kacy Collins, Finn Gilham, Jason Luu, Ryan Roberts and Kira Scopes.