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Rockets & Sustainable Fashion

Felixstowe Academy welcomed over 270 primary school pupils to special Design & Technology workshops as part of our transition programme with local primary school 

Focusing on subject areas Textiles and Resistant Materials, pupils were given tasks to create sustainable fashion items, as well as build rockets which were fired at targets! It was a great chance for younger members of our community to experience some of the facilities available to them in the new Academy campus. 
Within the Textiles tasks, pupils were shown a short video which summarised how the fashion industry has to incorporate, sustainable design and environmental awareness into their collections. Pupils were split into six groups and given an allocated amount of money. 
There were four main tasks that they were challenged to complete : 
  1. To research sustainable fashion and produce a poster. 
  2. To produce a design page, showing which proposal they were planning to manufacture. 
  3. To manufacture a paper outfit based on their chosen theme. 
  4. To present their group work to the rest of the group. 
Pupils were highly positive and surprisingly quick to respond to the tasks asked of them. Many pupils were asking interesting questions about the environmental issues and seemed fascinated about new scientific fabrics that we discussed. 

Mrs Stopher, working with the Textiles students, was thrilled with the way the primary pupils took on the challenge, saying ‘What fabulous creative people! Well done to all.’ 
The primary school ‘Rocketeers’ used different resources and equipment to personalise and design their own rocket, and then construct it using a range of modelling materials. They then were able to customise it with items such as fins, wings, nose cones and any other additions they saw fit. 
When all rockets were complete and ready for blast off they were taken to the launch pad where each individual rocket was launched at targets while being cheered on by all the other pupils, regardless of the school they were from. 
Mr Stopher, who worked with the ‘Rocketeers’, was impressed by the way pupils from different schools worked together ‘All pupils were motivated, enthusiastic and 
incredibly supportive of one another no matter what school or group they attended. The pupils were a credit to their respective schools and produced some very creative and high quality outcomes. Well done to all involved.’