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Science Leads the Way in Academy Results Success

posted 7 Mar 2014, 05:51 by Google Google   [ updated 7 Mar 2014, 05:51 ]

Nerves and excitement gripped Felixstowe Academy students as they opened GCSE and BTEC results today – and for many it was a day of relief and celebration.

Latest results for Felixstowe Academy show that many subject areas exceeded expectations and performed strongly against previous national average results, including students taking their AS Level in Critical Thinking an academic year early.

This year’s GCSE results have shown 64% of Academy students achieved five or more GCSEs with grades A* to C, with our provisional figure being 42% of Academy students achieving five or more A* to C grade GCSEs including Maths and English.  All students studying BTEC courses achieved A* to C grades equivalent.

Bucking National Trends in Science and BTEC Courses

Bucking the national trend within Science, Felixstowe Academy students taking individual science subjects exceeded both the national A*/A results as well as the A* to C average grade performances.  With 98% of Physics and Biology students and 96% of Chemistry students achieving A* to C results, it was fantastic to note that more than half of all the students sitting these exams achieved the highest grades of A*/A.   This consolidates the recent success at A Level that we saw within Felixstowe Academy’s Science results.

Mr Andrew Salter, Principal, said of the results ‘Once again, this year so many of our students have met or exceeded their targets in a range of GCSE and BTEC subjects putting them in a strong position to go on to study these at A level or Level 3 BTEC. We have seen exceptional performance this year from a number of our students most notably Rachel Bellamy who achieved nine A* grades and an A grade, Alex Avery who achieved eight A* grades and an A grades and Jake Goddard who achieved six A* grades, five A grades and a B grade. We are absolutely delighted that Science has produced such good results across the board this year with so many of our students achieving the highest A* and A grades.’

Impressively 64% of BTEC Music students achieved Distinction*/Distinction grade against a national average of 28%, whilst Business and Art students exceeded national averages for the Distinction*/Distinction grades too.   In fact all students studying Level 2 BTEC courses have plenty to celebrate today, with all students studying Business, Media, Art and Music courses achieving A* to C equivalent grades, smashing national averages.

However GCSE A* to C results within Maths and English fell slightly against the previous year to 58% and 53% respectively.  Those achieving A* to C in both English and Maths have been affected here as in other schools nationally, with further changes to grade boundaries making predictions very difficult year on year, even for the most experienced teachers.

Mr Salter goes on to explain ‘Our own results under this measure this year are disappointing and not what we had predicted or expected. We believe that examination board boundary changes, particularly in English and Maths, have adversely affected our results in this area.’

Mr Salter added ‘The Academy is in the process of having significant number of papers in Maths and English re-marked where students are one or two marks away from the C grade boundary.’

‘Following these re-marks, we intend to identify where the differences between predictions and actual grades differ so that we are able to address these issues with our current Year 11 from September.’

Achievement for AS Critical Thinking Students

All students taking their AS Level in Critical Thinking passed, with 73% of these students achieving A* to C grades!  Completing the AS Critical Thinking at Key Stage 4 challenges our students to develop important skills needed in their future studies.  We are very proud of the students and their achievements.  Their hard work and determination has enable them to achieve a qualification usually sat by 17 year olds.

Performing Arts, ICT and Health & Social Care students will also be celebrating as every single student achieved A* to C grades, with over half of the Performing Arts and ICT students achieving the maximum A*/A grade.   Within modern foreign languages, 72% of French students achieved A* to C grades, exceeding national averages.

Ofsted expect all schools to add value to the performance of students from KS2 on entry to their outcomes at GCSE.  The Academy’s progress data shows that over 50% of our subjects, currently taught at the Academy, are exceeding national figures.  For example, expected progress for Academy students in Science is 93% against a national figure of 84%.

With many students now looking towards A Levels, BTEC or equivalent courses, Felixstowe Academy will be working with all our students to ensure that they are supported fully in starting the next chapter of their educational journey.