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Students Find Their Voice for Rotary Event

posted 17 Jul 2014, 07:06 by Web Admin
Harrison Ward, Finn Sheppard, Jess Ozanne, Rebecca Kane and Eva Porter all represented the Academy excellently at the recent Youth Speaks event on the subject of 'Having a Voice'.

Harrison and Finn spoke first on 'Do You Have a Voice?'. They contrasted the voices of several prominent people and emphasised the importance of good speaking skills including people such as President Obama and Prince William. They had also consulted their parents on the subject, who had suggested Winston Churchill and Elizabeth I who both found the right words at a very important time. Both boys said how much confidence they had gained from preparing and delivering their talk.

Jess and Rebecca then spoke about Marie Ozanne, Jess‟s great, great, great aunt who had spoken up against the Nazi occupation of her native Guernsey. As a member of the Salvation Army, she couldn't keep silent when she saw the conditions in which prisoners were forced to work, and the way Jewish people were treated, so she spoke out in public in the market square. After writing a letter to the German authorities, she was arrested and imprisoned and only released because of ill health. Recently a blue plaque has been placed on her house in Guernsey to commemorate her.

Eva Porter told of how people from humble backgrounds, such as Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parkes, had used their voices to change the world. Persecution and prejudice sometimes spurred people on to great achievements. One of the most prominent figures in today‟s world, Oprah Winfrey, has become the first female black billionaire, after running away from home to escape her abusive relatives. Having a voice is a privilege, a chance, an opportunity. Someone in the future is going to change the world using their voice - why can't it be you?

All the speakers were commended both by Rotarian Heather Yallop during her summing up of the evening and by Mayor Graham Newman. Ms Yallop particularly mentioned the confident talk by Eva, saying she thought she was a future Prime Minister!!