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Students Take to the Stage in Norwich

posted 23 May 2014, 02:50 by Google Google   [ updated 23 May 2014, 02:52 ]

Connections Festival 2014

Just two days after moving into our fantastic new building, our Year 10 BTEC Performing Arts students were getting on a coach at 7.30am to embark on an incredible professional theatre experience - the culmination of their Connections experience.

Our students creative journey began when they were introduced to a brand new play, 'Heritage', written especially for the National Theatre by Daffyd James, in October last year.  Taking on the roles of actors, costume and set designers, and lighting and sound technicians, the students became a theatre company, developing their own interpretation of a brand new play.  After gaining very useful feedback from Olly Hawes, professional director, when he came to watch our home performance in February, the company prepared for our final performance at the Norwich Playhouse.

Mr Hawes sent a personal note to the students, thanking them for their support of the Festival saying 'I so enjoyed the whole experience, and it was great getting to know you and the company. I was hugely impressed with the performance - it felt like a real step up from the first time I saw the show a couple of months ago.  Best of luck with all your future projects.  I hope our paths cross again in the future.'

At 7pm on Wednesday 30 April, our students took their places on stage, and in the control box, to present our final performance of Daffyd's wonderful new play. The audience response was incredible, with a lot of laughs, palpable collective shock at the end, and lots of positive comments from the other participants afterwards.

The students were very professional all day, making it a joy to spend all 17 hours with them. They worked effectively with the theatre staff and made us incredibly proud with the quality of their performance.

Mr Stone, Subject Leader for Drama, was full of pride for the way the students approached the event, commenting 'I am so grateful to every member of the company, including Mrs Cole and Miss Gordon, for the huge amount of work they put into making our performance of 'Heritage' such a great success.  I even have to admit to having shed a tear at the very end of the show.'