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Success for ‘Target A*/A’ Maths Conference

posted 7 Mar 2014, 04:51 by Google Google
Students setting their sights on achieving A* and A grade results in their Maths GCSE exams were given a massive boost this week at the Felixstowe Academy Maths Conference.

Mrs Munday, Curriculum Leader for Maths, led the conference with the aim of encouraging students to try new techniques that would help them achieve higher level success in their approaching exams.

Supported by Andy Elwell, a specialist colleague from the Academies Enterprise Trust, and Year 13 students Freyer Marsh and Christian Hurry, Mrs Munday was delighted by the attitude of students through their desire to learn and their contribution to discussion and participation.

‘What a pleasure it was to be able to invite Felixstowe Academy’s most able mathematicians to a lovely venue for an afternoon of Maths’ said Mrs Munday.  ‘It was a privilege to see students working so hard and so determined to improve and we will continue to support them through to their exams and hopefully into Year 12 and 13. I wish all our students every success in the future.’

The Year 11 students, whose GCSE target grade is an A or an A*, used the conference to develop skills of problem solving, reasoning and calculator usage linked to the formula sheet in the exam paper.  In addition they were helped to gain an awareness of where the maths studied at this level is further developed at A-level.

Mrs Munday added ‘I am grateful for the participation from Mr Elwell, and I would also like to thank Freyer and Christian who are shortly about to complete A-level Further Maths and A-level Maths courses at Felixstowe Academy’.

As a result of this, and other similar provisions for our most able students, our progress has risen dramatically and is in line with national expectations.  Our latest progress graph is shown in the following link and highlights the positive performance for Felixstowe Academy's students.