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Breaktime Poll Highlights Views on Wearing Make-Up

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Students reveal their views on the No Make Up Challenge...

By Freya (Year 9) and Emily (Year 8)

After completing the ‘No Makeup Challenge’ we continued to expand our research by talking to other students around school and finding out their opinions on wearing makeup in public. At break time 80 students participated in a survey which revealed the reasons behind people’s lack of confidence. We found that only 60% of the students asked would be willing to attend school ‘makeup free’. We then asked how they would feel to go bare faced out of school and the results showed that only 54.8% would be willing to spend the weekend without makeup. This means 45.2% of the students would not be willing to face the weekend with bare skin. The surprisingly high percentage gives us an insight to how society has changed and highlights the fact that there is a lot of pressure on girls to have the ‘perfect image’.

Breaktime Poll

When we asked the students who wore makeup products for school on a regular basis why they would refuse to remove their makeup, we some reasons were more common than expected. For example one of the more popular choices, for during the school week, was ‘I’m not comfortable with my appearance’. Approximately 25 students just didn’t like the way they looked. We think that celebrities may have an impact on teenagers who watch YouTube, for example. Some YouTubers may seem ‘perfect’ and ‘flawless’ as they edit out their imperfections. This may have a negative impact on the new generation of teens who aspire to be just like them.

When is News Fake?

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Report on the growing issue of 'Fake News'...

By Kieran, Jack and Vicky (Sixth Form)

Many people, when they hear fake news, just picture it as something that is used for a joke and don’t take it seriously but fake news is information, propaganda and hoaxes that are sold and released as real to persuade people that it is the truth when in reality it is a lie. People are being told lies and think of it as some kind of joke. 

The issue of 'Fake news' could affect the future of journalism and could affect the future of news in general because soon enough people will stop believing any news that comes out and will worry that anything being told is a lie. People could stop watching the news, stop buying newspapers, and will just focus on the social media even though that is where all of the fake news hides, through our social media sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and many more.

Many companies appear to use 'fake news' and appear to try and pass it off as real news, for example Buzzfeed, CNN (according to President Trump), The Sun and many individuals, but one of the biggest examples of it at the moment in recent times would be Donald Trump contradicting himself using the facts that could be considered 'fake news'.

Donald Trump has complained about 'fake news' calling it ‘dangerous’ and has said that it is ‘enemy of the American people’ in response to leaks of information inside the White House. President Trump, however, has contradicted himself when in the presidential run he used  'fake news' about Hillary Clinton to get a head start over her calling her ‘a criminal’ and asked the American people ‘are you really going to vote for a criminal?’ real dangerous huh Mr President?

Felix Kjellberg has entitled many media outlets to join the bandwagon of  'fake news' revolving around the accusation of being an 'Anti Semitic' alongside The Wall Street Journal and the aftermath that followed up once his contracts that were ended from YouTube, Red and Disney which then was used to go against him and a ‘personal attack’ as said by Felix. 

Zoella has also been blamed for a decline in youth literacy; even though she has been named as one the most successful authors of all time since the title began, as well as encouraging secondary school students to read her three books that she has published in the 10 years she has become an internet personality. It's really confusing!

In our opinion 'fake news' seems to be just sly attempt from the generic media to undermine internet personalities for their readership income to maintain against companies such as YouTube. The site maintains 1 billion unique visitors per month alongside a meer 33.8 million combined print readerships and 47.3 million multimedia reach from newspapers in the same amount of time.

My thoughts on 'fake news' is that it is a sly and unnecessary technique to sabotage and provoke an opponent or a group of people that have different thoughts to the individual to manipulate their views in an to attempt to use false allegations to gain power over the other constituent.


My honest opinion on 'fake news' is that it is pretty much unnecessary drama, purposely causing trouble so that someone can be given the attention they are craving to overrule another and be seen as the ‘hero’. It is only used by narcissistic fools that believe they are above the rest and should be praised.


I believe that fake news is a way to spread gossip. Something that’s not true and easy to make it believable. It can effectively damage someone with these inaccurate resources that any news article is providing. Giving them a bad reputation, losing respect and of course unfortunately we all fall for 'fake news', no matter what.

Year 9 Take the The Challenge!

posted 16 Mar 2017, 04:49 by Web Admin   [ updated 16 Mar 2017, 08:31 ]

No Make-Up Challenge...

By Freya, Katie, Tabi, Abi, Isabel, Connie and Lily (Year 9)

Members of Student Media Team originally came up with the idea of a ‘No makeup challenge’ to see how girls would react to not wearing makeup. At first we were all a bit nervous and didn’t really want to take part in the challenge but managed to overcome the fear of not wearing makeup. Our biggest concern was how people would react seeing us with a bare face for the first time.

None of us had as many bad comments as what we thought we would receive and by not wearing any makeup we have become more confident around the people who normally see us with it on. We all managed to make it through the four days without applying any to our faces even though it was very tempting at times. We seemed to get compliments on our ‘ flawless skin’ looked which took us all by surprise and really helped us get through the four days.

Although some of us struggled at the start of the week, by the end we were feeling more confident and comfortable in our own skin.


Personally I now feel confident enough to now go to school with very little makeup despite my blemished skin. I think it was a great project for us to take part in as it gave us all the chance to show who we really are and take pride in our natural appearance.


I think by wearing no makeup I feel more confident around the boys as I didn't get as many negative comments  as what i thought i would. By not wearing makeup I am unable to cover up the things i don't want others to see which could be a problem depending on what my skin looks like on that day.


I think in society now, especially for  this age group, there is a lot of pressure from the media and celebrities to be “perfect”. People are portrayed as having “perfect” skin, the “perfect”figure and the “perfect” hair. In this day and age, it is really difficult to juggle exams, social lives and hobbies whilst also going through puberty. We are going through so many changes, physically and emotionally and do not have enough representation in the media at the moment.

There are so many things wrong with society at the moment, another thing I feel strongly about is representation for boys that wear makeup. Boys wear makeup too and i feel as though the media is only now realising. With newly emerging male makeup artists like James Charles (the new face of Covergirl), Manny mua, Patrick Star and loads more. People are finally realising that makeup is not aimed at one specific category. Society believes that men have to be “masculine” and women have to be “feminine”. With old laws being legalised (gay marriage, transgender etc) people are finally realising that they can be accepted for who they are.

If wearing makeup makes YOU feel like YOU then so be it. If not wearing makeup makes you feel comfortable then there's no problem with that. I think that people are only now realising how important it is to be yourself, but with so many celebrities showcasing their bodies and faces as “perfect” you can't help but beat yourself up about your flaws and things “wrong” with your body. Makeup is not necessary, and should not be. I hope that our video and our experiences will help teenagers everywhere, boys and girls, acne and no acne, tall and short, to find who they are inside and realise that they don’t need to conform to the standards of society. YOU be YOU and nobody else.”


I think that students nowadays spend way too much time and money on their make up  because we fear that in society today we are judged on the way we look.


By wearing no makeup for a while I now feel more confident in myself. Sometimes it is still nice to put on some makeup in the morning but I know understand that it isn’t that important. No girl should feel pressured into wearing makeup to please other people. Everyone has the right to be who they want to be, wearing makeup or not.


I was very nervous coming into school for the first day, as I had not come into school without makeup for over a 2 years. It was a very weird experience walking through the gate, and I almost started to get a little bit paranoid, as I felt that everyone was looking at me. However, I felt that after the first day I was feeling a lot more confident. Overall I have benefited in so many ways. I feel that i took a lot more care with my skin and hair, which has made me more confident, especially when I have a makeup free face.


The thought of not wearing any makeup for four days was very daunting. On the first day I was very nervous about going in bare faced. I had a few comments made but I just ignored them and continued on with my day. The second day I felt more confident. On the weekend I didn’t really mind and just tried to continue as normal. I missed doing my makeup but it did mean I could sleep in for an extra half an hour!

I think in our society makes young girls feel pressured to look a certain way. The media makes us feel like if we don’t look like all the celebrities and models we aren’t good enough. Makeup helps you to feel more secure within yourself. People portray this image of “Perfect” but in reality no one will ever be “Perfect”. I wear makeup for myself and I dislike it when people judge you on whether you have makeup on or not. People have called me fake in the past because I wear makeup but when I don’t they make comments. The media can pressure people to do things that aren’t them. I am much more confident know to go into school with no makeup and I will have the odd day when I don’t. I am so glad i have done and took part of this challenge.

Sharing Christmas!

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Great response to Shoe Box Appeal...

Academy staff and students responded brilliantly to the Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Appeal, donating 85 shoe boxes to this great cause.

The shoe boxes were filled with stationary, hats and gloves, toothbrushes and soap, even some toys. These boxes will be sent all over Europe and Africa. The information we were shown before the donation deadline highlighted that these boxes are most likely to be the only thing they will receive this Christmas. They are definitely less fortunate than us, so it was important that we shared in giving to other at Christmas.

The form that collected the most was 11A, but as a year group Year 7 donated the most boxes. Gates and King Houses donated the most boxes equally, so both Gates and King have been awarded 1,000 Reward Points to say thank you.

Chaplain Mr Hunt who coordinated the appeal said 'I think we forget how lucky we are sometimes; there are people living in poverty and children are the most vulnerable. I think there are approximately a billion people living on a mere pound a day. It makes me feel very happy that we have opportunities like this to do something practical to help.'

Mr Hunt went on to add 'A huge thank you to everyone who helped us to collect shoe boxes to send to children who are less fortunate than us this Christmas. They are currently being sorted and loaded onto trucks to take abroad.'

By Ellise and Ellie

Student Media Team News

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