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Breaktime Poll Highlights Views on Wearing Make-Up

posted 16 Mar 2017, 08:38 by Web Admin

Students reveal their views on the No Make Up Challenge...

By Freya (Year 9) and Emily (Year 8)

After completing the ‘No Makeup Challenge’ we continued to expand our research by talking to other students around school and finding out their opinions on wearing makeup in public. At break time 80 students participated in a survey which revealed the reasons behind people’s lack of confidence. We found that only 60% of the students asked would be willing to attend school ‘makeup free’. We then asked how they would feel to go bare faced out of school and the results showed that only 54.8% would be willing to spend the weekend without makeup. This means 45.2% of the students would not be willing to face the weekend with bare skin. The surprisingly high percentage gives us an insight to how society has changed and highlights the fact that there is a lot of pressure on girls to have the ‘perfect image’.

Breaktime Poll

When we asked the students who wore makeup products for school on a regular basis why they would refuse to remove their makeup, we some reasons were more common than expected. For example one of the more popular choices, for during the school week, was ‘I’m not comfortable with my appearance’. Approximately 25 students just didn’t like the way they looked. We think that celebrities may have an impact on teenagers who watch YouTube, for example. Some YouTubers may seem ‘perfect’ and ‘flawless’ as they edit out their imperfections. This may have a negative impact on the new generation of teens who aspire to be just like them.