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Year Group Contacts

At Felixstowe Academy we want to make sure that students feel safe, are happy and attend regularly in order to succeed.  Therefore, we have a team of dedicated staff who have the students at the centre of their role. 

Each year group also has a Pastoral Support Manager (PSM), who is there as the first point of contact for parents/carers who ‘triage’ any problems that your child might be experiencing. Mrs Fountain is the Lead PSM and can support with any year group.  PSMs are not teachers and are therefore available at most points in the school day.

As this is a new experience, full of challenge and opportunity, students sometimes feel a little overwhelmed and therefore the Pastoral Support Manager is there to help and direct your child to the most appropriate support. 

Achievement Directors, are accountable for ensuring that each individual student achieves their optimum level across all subjects and will therefore be taking a keen interest in the support offered to individuals to help them succeed, as well as ensuring that the student feels happy and safe within the Academy.

The support team for each year group is summarised as follows:


Achievement Director

Pastoral Support Manager

Year 7

Mr Cumberland

Mrs Siviour

Year 8

Mr Cain

Mrs Warnes

Year 9

Miss Burt

Mr Francis

Year 10

Mrs English

Mr Osborne

Year 11

Mrs English

Mrs Redford

If you would like to contact a member of the Sixth Form team, please contact Pastoral Support Manager Mrs S Meredith or Director of Sixth Form Mr D James.

We are committed to safeguarding students at all times, and support them to stay safe.  We have positive relationships with the school nurse and the integrated team and are happy to work alongside external agencies to support you and your child, to enable them to fulfil their potential at Felixstowe Academy.  

Please contact the Pastoral Teams through the main Academy contact number 01394 288228.