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Examination Results (KS5)

A Level Results 2018

Students and staff at Felixstowe Academy were today once again celebrating a successful year for the Sixth Form with a record number of A*/A grades achieved.

This year’s results saw a further increase on last year’s achievement of A* to B grades to 34%, an increase of 15% over the past two years, and A*-C grades rose to 67%.  The Academy was delighted with the record number of A*/ A grades which were gained in subjects such as Maths, Further Maths, Accounting, Psychology and Sociology. All students entered for the new BTEC qualifications achieved a pass grade or above.  

Felixstowe Academy’s student Victoria Walker achieved A* in both Maths and Further Maths as well as A grades in Physics and English Literature, Victoria will be the first Felixstowe Academy student to gain entry to Oxford University to read Maths.  

Victoria was ‘thrilled’ that her results had secured her place at Oxford. As she shared her results with teachers Victoria explained ‘I felt really confident with my Maths exams but I am so pleased and surprised to have gained an A grade in English.  That was a really pleasant surprise!’. 

Victoria added ‘I am really looking forward to starting university and seeing what it brings.’

Also celebrating was; Jack Brewer who achieved an A* grade in Psychology and A grades in Biology and Chemistry, Marcio Patricio who achieved an A* in Accounting, and A grade in Spanish and a Distinction* in Travel and Tourism.  

Jack Brewer cautiously open his grades with friends, sharing ‘It is such a relief to finally find out what grades I had achieved. I am really happy with my A* and A grades!’. Jack will be studying at the University of York to read International Relations is ‘really looking forward’ to studying topics such as politics, diplomacy and international events.

Jack had advice for students who will be choosing their A Level subject next week which he feels will help them to succeed ‘I feel it is really important to study topics you feel passionate about at A Level as this will give you the best opportunity to do well in the exams. You have to study hard outside of lessons, almost from the start, and not rely just on teachers. Having a passion for your subjects will help you secure good grades and give you more options when it comes to choosing your university courses.’

Mr Darryl James, Assistant Vice Principal in charge of sixth form said ‘The results again reflect the huge efforts made by staff and students to achieve the very best. The progress made by our students at the academy’s sixth form reaffirm that our provision is good. Our students performed to the very highest levels securing A* grades in some of the most demanding subjects. As a result students will now be attending a range of top Universities, including Oxford University. ’

Academy Principal Mr Anthony Williams said ‘The fact that we have been able to further improve the top grades achieved at A Level and in most vocational subjects, reflects the high expectations from teachers and great work ethic from students. This achievement, coupled with our first student to successfully gain entry to Oxford University, is fantastic news for the whole school community.’

Percentage of A*-B grades 34%

Percentage of A*-C grades: 67%
Percentage of A*-E grades: 94%

A Level Results 2017

The progress students have made in English
54% of learners achieved grade C in GCSE English (above national average).
85% of students who re-sat the exam, achieved a grade higher than their original grade from KS4.

The progress students have made in Maths
28% of learners achieved a C grade which is broadly in line with the national average (29%).
5 others achieved a higher GCSE grade post-16 than they achieved at 16.

The average grade that students achieved was:
Academic = C
Vocational = Distinction
The progress made by students was broadly in line with the national average.

Student retention
95% of students who gained AS grades completed their full study programme.

Student Destinations

Students and staff at Felixstowe Academy were today celebrating improved A Level and vocational course results that have helped students to secure university placements and advanced apprenticeships.

This year’s results saw an 11% year on year increase in the achievement of A* to B grades, along with an increase in the number of students (64%) securing A* to C grades.  The Academy was particularly pleased with the performance of vocational courses where a record figure of 73% of students achieved the highest Distinction*/Distinction grades.

Academy Principal Mr Anthony Williams was ‘delighted with the continuing improvements in results for our A Levels and vocational courses’.  Mr Williams added ‘What has really struck me as a positive outcome from today is that our students have a very clear idea of how their next steps will help them achieve future careers, whether that is through completing a degree course at university, or through the completion of advanced apprenticeships.  I think this highlights that the strength of support from Mr James and the Sixth Form pastoral and teaching team has prepared our hardworking students over the past two years.  We are very proud of the improving achievement and outcomes of our students.’

Mr Darryl James, Assistant Vice Principal said ‘Today’s results highlight the continued upwards progress our students are making, alongside recognising the efforts and hard work of students and staff.  These results have enabled so many of our students to secure places at University and on prestigious apprenticeships.’

Felixstowe Academy’s former Head Girl, Lucy Fossett, was ‘very excited’ to have confirmed her place at the University of Nottingham to study Politics and International Relations.  Lucy explained ‘My aim is to build a career in politics either within the Civil Service or with a Non Governmental Organisation.  I initially considered pursuing a role in law, but soon realised that if I want to make a positive difference to people’s lives it was be better to work in politics and try to help other people within society.  I can’t wait to start my degree!’

Also celebrating was Jordan Astley whose A Level results secured his place at the University of Bristol, bringing him a step closer towards his career aim of becoming an Engineer.  Jordan explained ‘Bristol was my first choice University because it had the highest entry requirements and was part of the Russell Group of Universities.  I can’t believe that I will be there to study for my degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering!’

Alongside students celebrating securing university places, a record number of Felixstowe Academy students will be joining BT on their full degree Apprenticeship programme in the Autumn. Hannah Cook described Results Day as ‘Fabulous and wonderful!’ as her higher grade A Level results secured her place on BT’s Technology, Service and Operations Apprenticeship in IT Software.  Hannah went on to explain ‘I was so impressed with the Apprenticeship programme at BT.  Not only will my degree be sponsored by BT, but I will also gain valuable work experience and I get to work for a company I really want to work for!’

Leon Harris secured Distinction* grades in Media Studies and Art, along with a B grade in Product Design (Textiles).  Leon shared that he was ‘relieved that all the hard work in Year 13 helped to achieve the grades that secured my place at the University of Bournemouth  to study a degree in Costume Design and Making’.   He explained ‘I am pretty amazed and excited! I don’t have to dread going home to share my results!’

Holly England’s Distinction* grades and experience gained from her Business Studies and Media Studies course helped her to secure a role as Personal Assistant to the owner of an events company who stage events across the country.

Megan Fisher secured her place at the University of Suffolk to study Psychology and Early Childhood Studies, to help her towards her career goal of working within Social Services or being an Education Welfare Officer.

Opening his results to discover he had achieved a Distinction* in Music and B grades in A Level Film Studies and Art, Benjamin Hall shared that results day brought ‘a bizarre mixture of feelings of both being happy and sad at the same time.’  Benjo went on to explain ‘I feel really happy to have secured my first choice course of Film and TV Studies at the University of East Anglia, but I am also sad to be leaving the Academy after seven years.  I think the past two years at Sixth Form have been great - it has a sense of family as you build such camaraderie with your fellow students and develop a better working relationship with teachers.  I will miss that.’

We wish all our Sixth Form students the very best in their future courses and careers.

A Level Results 2016

The progress students have made in English and Maths
English pass rate of 66% which is above the national average.
Maths pass rate of 38% which is also above the national average.

The average grade that students achieved was:
Academic = C-
Vocational = Distinction
The progress made by students was broadly in line with the national average.

Student retention
96% of students who gained AS grades completed their full study programme.

Student Destinations

On a beautiful, sunny August morning Felixstowe Academy Sixth Form students arrived to collect their A Level and BTEC results that were the reward for their hard work over the past two years.

Academy Principal Mr Williams was on hand to meet with students as they collected results and to chat to them about their next steps after Sixth Form.  He shared ‘We are extremely proud of the achievement of our students in terms of their attainment and more so with the progress they have made. The students and teachers have worked hard to achieve these results and witnessing this shared success was something very special.’

Mr Williams went on to add ‘It was so pleasing to speak to students who shared their aspirations and next steps using the qualifications they had achieved to fulfil their career goals.  These next steps varied from starting apprenticeships, embarking on university courses and entering employment.  This has shown how the students have matured and are clear how their qualifications will be a foundation or springboard to future success.’

Gemma Crane, Andrew McKenna and Lucy Sayer were the first students into the Academy to collect their results, and couldn’t wait to get confirmation that their hard work and long hours of coursework had paid off.  The opening of the exam result envelope confirmed a string of Distinction* grades for the trio of Health and Social Care students!

Gemma, who achieved four Distinction* grades, was delighted by her grades and praised her ‘amazing’ teacher Mrs Couto saying ‘Mrs Couto was brilliant, she gives you the time out of lessons and is prepared to work late with you just to offer support when needed.’

Andrew, who also achieved Distinction* grades, agreed with Gemma adding that ‘good time management, being organised and having good friends working around me helped to stay on track to get these results.’

Luke Grant, pictured with Sixth Form Pastoral Support Manager Mrs Meredith, explained that he had been ‘nervous throughout the summer ahead of Results Day.’  With his Distinction in Business Studies and two higher grade A Levels, Luke will be studying Computer Science at the University of Lincoln in September.

The Maths department were celebrating strong performance in results in A Level Maths and Further Maths, and were on hand to congratulate Jordan Amos.  Jordan secured his place at the University of Bristol with an A grade in Maths and Bs in Further Maths and Physics and is ‘excited and looking forward’ to starting his course in Engineering and Mathematics.

Heading in completely different directions, both geographically and politically (currently!), are Michael Meredith and Alisha Lewis.  Michael confirmed that he had accepted a place at the University of Portsmouth to study Politics, whilst Alisha is heading to the University of Liverpool to study Politics and Philosophy.

Michael, who is well known for his passion for politics and discussion, encouraged students to think beyond just their academic success saying ‘Your personal statement is a really important part to your university application, so make sure you get involved in a range of extracurricular activities, as it really makes a difference.’

Alisha ‘can’t wait’ to get to university and feels that her degree course in Liverpool will give the chance to start building towards a career in politics.  Alisha explained that ‘there are real opportunities to get involved in grassroots projects in Liverpool.  They have great links to political parties and you have the opportunity to start making contacts very earlier on.  I can’t wait!’

The English Department were celebrating excellent results, with 100% of students studying English Language and Creative Writing, and 83% of English Literature students achieving A* to C grades.  One of these students, Ashley Colbourn will be using his higher English grade alongside his Distinction* in Creative Media Studies in a Sports Journalism course at Leeds Trinity University.

With all Textiles students achieving A* to C grades, it was great to hear how some of the students will be using their grades to support future careers.  Lucy Hayfield confirmed that she will be heading to Nottingham Trent University to study Fashion Management, a course that Lucy feels would prepare her for a career in the business elements of the Fashion Industry.

Naomi Arnold beamed as she explained that she be heading to Anglia Ruskin University to study Fashion Design.  She advised students to follow their ‘passion for the subject’ as she had done, and encouraged students studying Art or Textile to ‘build a portfolio or work that shows your passion for the subject as universities will value this.’

Celebrating with Naomi were Taryn Mason and Keelan Swift-Stalley. Taryn, who gained higher grades in A Level Film Studies and Drama alongside Distinction* grades in Music and Production Arts, changed her earlier degree course choice.  Taryn explained ‘I have decided to study Business Management instead of performance related courses.  I have a dream to own my own theatre in the future and think that Business will definitely aid me in achieving this!’.

Keelan will be using his higher grade results from three English subjects and Drama to head off to the University of East Anglia to study Performance and Script Writing.  As a student who took part in so many performance related activities at the Academy, it is brilliant to see him going on to develop his natural talent further, which he hopes will lead to a career in acting.  

Joining Keelan at the UEA will be Jake Goddard, although Jake will be reading European Law.  Having achieved two A* grades and two A grades, Jake is looking forward to starting his four year degree course in September.  Jake explained even with the EU Referendum result, he felt it was a good time to study European Law ‘The recent result will mean that there will be a lot a career opportunities within this area of law.  This course will also mean spending a year in a work placement in a European organisation.  I am really looking forward to it!’

It wasn’t just about A Level and BTEC results for some students.  Although Giedre Skeiryte was delighted that her excellent grades for Music, Performing Arts, Photography, Textiles, Product Design had secured her place at the University of Chichester to study Music Performance, it was the higher grade pass in GCSE English that brought tears to the eyes of both her and her mother!

Lithuanian born Giedre had been determined to pass her GCSE English as her first language, and finally achieved this as she looks forward to the start of her university course.  Giedre explained ‘I was determined that English result would be as my first language and I am so relieved and overjoyed!  I am now looking forward to starting uni, and have already made contact with other new students already.  I am so grateful to staff at the Academy for giving me the opportunity to perform and build my confidence - every student should take up the opportunities offered to them!’

Oliver Hazell is heading off to Nottingham Trent University to study Property Finance and Investment thanked ‘all the teachers and staff that have made my time at Felixstowe Academy special.’  He went on to add ‘They have all helped me to this point in my life, where I am now going to University to study a subject that I love. Of course there were obstacles in the way but through hard word and determination I have been able to secure my place at Nottingham Trent.  For anyone that is attending Sixth Form in September I would just like to say that if you keep your head down and get involved in the many opportunities on offer, you will be a success and get the best grades possible.’

Ollie Spink, Chester Tooke and Matt Taylor where all celebrating their results and the opportunities their results have created.  For Ollie and Matt, this will mean starting university courses at Roehampton and Cheltenham respectively, but for Chester it meant confirmation that he had secured a place on the world-class apprentice scheme at BT Adastral Park.

Mr James Assistant Vice-Principal (Raising Standards Leader for KS5) said ‘Our results this year are a testament to the work put in by staff and students to achieve their best.  Again our vocational students have performed very well with nearly half of all entries achieving the Distinction* grade. There were also some fantastic A level results for students in English, Maths and Social Sciences. I am pleased that many of our students have been able to secure their first choice university places and wish them well on the next stage of their journey.’     

As a cohort, 63% of A Level students achieved an A* to C grade, with 99% of students achieving A-E grades.  The Academy’s vocational courses secured increase in the highest results with 46% of students achieving Distinction* grade and 72% of students achieving Distinction*/Distinction grade.

A Level Results 2015

The hard work of Sixth Form students at Felixstowe Academy paid off with a great set of results for A Level and BTEC students.  A Level Results for Felixstowe Academy Sixth Form students show an increase of 10% in the number of students attaining the highest grades in 2015.


Student Amy Fountain was one of the Sixth Form cohort celebrating with an A* in Sociology and three additional A grades helping to secure her place studying Law at Essex University in the Autumn. Amy acknowledged that ‘these results didn’t come easily and the hard work paid off.  I am absolutely delighted by these results and can’t wait to go to university’.

Letitia Butcher was celebrating double A* grades for Sociology and Psychology, with the support of her sister and former Sixth Form student Felicity.  An elated Letitia was thrilled that these results secured her place at the University of York to study Sociology and that ‘the stress of waiting is finally over!’.  

Once again A Level English Language and English Literature students achieved excellent results, with all students studying Literature achieving A* to C grades and 60% of English Language and Literature students achieving A* to B grades.  The introduction of the Creative Writing A Level course to the Academy subject portfolio was a massive success with all students achieving A* to B grades!

Students Abigail Fossett and Emma Stanbridge arrived together to open their results and offer each other moral support.  The joy on their faces as they opened their envelopes confirmed that their places at university in September were secured.  Emma who will continue studying English Literature at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln, thanked her teachers for all their support and offered this advice to students ‘you have to be prepared to work hard but I found that being part of a smaller Sixth Form meant that the teachers were really supportive to help me achieve my place at university.’

Abigail, who achieved an A* in English Literature as well as a B grade in German is really looking forward to starting her degree in German at Essex University.  Leader of Learning for Modern Foreign Languages, Mrs Breeze praised the contribution Abigail made to her A Level course and to peer mentoring other students saying ‘Abigail has been a model student, helping to mentor Year 9 students, who absolutely loved her! There is a national shortage of students studying languages at degree level, which Abigail has chosen to do, and this will put her into a unique situation on completion of her degree.’

Lauren Walter celebrated achieving an A* in English Literature along with an A and B grade in French and History.

Within Maths, 80% of students achieved A* to C grades whilst the Academy Science Department were celebrating fantastic results for A Level Physics and Chemistry students, with 75% of Physics and 60% of Chemistry students achieving A* to B grades.  

It was also a great year for students studying Sociology, German, PE, Geography and Production Design as all students achieved A* to C grades; in particular Sociology stands out with 40% of students achieving A* Grades.

In addition to the increase in the number of students achieving the highest A Level grades, 63% of BTEC students attained Distinction*/Distinction grades, an increase of 7% compared with last year.  This improvement was shown in key vocational subject areas such as Business Studies, Music, Media and Health & Social Care.  

Securing great grades in the Extended Diploma for Health and Social Care were students Jess Couto and Grace Lake.  Jess, who achieved three Distinction* grades, is now looking forward to studying Diagnostic Radiography at Canterbury Christ Church University and can’t wait for opportunities university will bring saying ‘my degree course will include placements in working environments that will offer me great career prospects when I graduate!’

Grace plans to gain work experience for a year before using her Distinctions and Merit to head off to university to study Audiology, a subject that Grace has a personal experience of and adds 'I would love to have a career where I can help others in similar circumstances to myself'.


Having secured three Distinction* grades to ensure his place at Sheffield University to study Music, student Ben Topliss praised the opportunities that were available to him at Felixstowe Academy saying ‘I took advantage of the opportunities to perform and develop skills on my course.  My advice to anyone starting on a Music course would be to stay committed to practicing and take every opportunity to perform that comes your way - and enjoy it!’

Two other students echoed Ben's comments about seizing the opportunities on offer at the Academy to build confidence through performance.  Ben Greer and Josh Cuthbert, who will be studying Music at the University of Northampton,  both identified playing in the band for the Academy production of 'Back to the Eighties' as a key moment their personal journey.  Ben said 'Playing in the band for the Back to the Eighties production was awesome and showed that I could perform at a high level.  I loved taking part in the concerts and it all contributed to me achieving a Distinction* grade in Music'.  

Josh highlighted that performing helped him move from being the 'shy drummer' to being the front man - singing to hundreds of people, saying 'The whole experience of playing for the Back to the Eighties production boosted my confidence tremendously. Such a great opportunity.  After the production I have thank my friend Connor Trimble for encouraging me to try singing and then performing in the Academy concerts.  I really can't wait to get to university now!'

But is wasn't just about securing the grades for university, as some students enter the world of work and apprenticeships.  Rhys Davies results means that has secured an apprenticeship place against national competition with Atos, an international leader in digital services, working in London.  

Rhys was delighted to have secured his apprenticeship saying 'There are only eight of us starting an apprenticeship with Atos.  I was sent the details of my contract today and I am so pleased that it is a permanent contract as it means I starting to build career with a world wide company!'

This brilliant news will also mean that not only will  Rhys be entering the world of work through an apprenticeship, he will also be a 'London commuter' catching the train to the capital everyday!

Felixstowe Academy Principal, Mr Andrew Salter said of the results, “I am delighted that the hard work our students put in to their studies once again this year has produced results that they and we can all be proud of. The Vocational results have once again performed highly and we have seen a significant increase in the academic A level results, particularly with the higher grades. I am delighted that so many of our students have been rewarded with results reflecting their hard work and dedication to succeed at the highest level enabling them to go on to further studies at University or into their chosen employment route”. 

Mr Salter added “These results reflect the original comments that the Ofsted team reported, giving us a ‘Good’ for our Sixth Form in their original report. Here at Felixstowe Academy we have a small but good Sixth Form where we strive to give more individualised support, to know our Sixth Form students and to ensure that we create a positive atmosphere in which everyone who works hard, and wants to, can achieve and realise their potential. I want to take this opportunity to wish all our students well in the future and to say a huge thank you, on their behalf, to all the staff at the Academy who have helped and guided them to their individual successes once again this year.”

Director of Sixth Form, Mr Darryl James added ‘These results confirm that we are now improving both our academic qualifications as well as our vocational and are indeed offering good provision to all our students including those who have undertaken courses equivalent to GCSEs. The progress made by students in all areas is pleasing and plans to further improve bode well for our Academy.’ 

Mrs Susan Robinson, Chair of the Governing Board at Felixstowe Academy, added ‘The improvement in both vocational and academic results is a tribute to our students and staff who have worked extremely hard to achieve this. These results prove that Felixstowe Academy offers a great sixth form education and we hope that it will be the future destination of choice for students from the Felixstowe area and further afield'.