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University Requirement Guide

University Subject Requirement Guide

The following guide will help you to make the right choice: 

University Subject

University requirement or preference includes:

What it can lead to:


2 science subjects: Chemistry & Biology preferred or Maths and one biological science.

Agriculture Industry, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trades, property development.


History and Geography, English or a science will be useful.

Archaeological positions with local authority, libraries, museums, teaching.


A few courses require Maths and/or Physics; Art and Design portfolio sometimes required.

Further study is needed to become a professional. Opportunities exist in government or private practice including planning, housing, environmental and conservation management.

Art and Design

Art and Design required; Art and Design portfolio required.

Freelance or consultancy work, teaching, retail and management fields.


Chemistry, Biology, or Maths often required or preferred.

Biochemistry in industrial, medical, clinical areas. Openings in pharmaceuticals, agricultural, environmental science and toxicology.

Biological Sciences, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Applied Biology, Microbiology, Biotechnology

Biology and Chemistry required. Maths sometimes required.

Medical, pharmaceuticals, food and environmental work, research and education, work in zoos, animal sanctuaries, forestry.

Business Studies, Accountancy, Management Studies

Economics or Business Studies, and Maths.

Finance, property development, wholesale, retail and manufacturing.

Building, Surveying, Town and Country Planning

Some courses require Maths; also consider Geography and Economics.

Building technologists and managers, surveying, civil engineering, architecture, planning.


Two science subjects including Chemistry required.

Most graduates go into further study although a significant number go into teaching.

Computing Courses

Maths, a science or computer science, CISCO useful.

Work in the IT sector, software design and engineering, web and internet based fields, system analysis.


Chemistry, Biology (admission test UKCAT).

Dentist in UK or Europe. Openings in NHS, private, commercial and armed forces.

Drama and Theatre Studies

English, Drama and Theatre Studies required or preferred, performance experience essential.

Careers in performance, writing, directing, producing as well as wider roles within the theatre. Teaching, media management and retail.


Consider Maths or Geography or Computing as well as Economics.

Business and finance both in public and private sectors.

Engineering Science; Engineering: Aeronautical, Civil, Electrical, Electronic, Marine, Mechanical, Production

Maths and/or Physics required. Engineering or another science preferred. Design Technology may be acceptable.

Industry engineers, technicians or subject specific career.


English required.

Media, management, public and social services, business administration, teaching, public relations, advertising.

Environmental Science

Various Science combinations, perhaps with Geography. Maths maybe required.

Work in government departments, local authorities, land management, pollution control or a range of scientific careers.

Food Science; Food Technology

Chemistry required, with 2 other Sciences and Maths preferred.

Manufacturing or retail.


French required sometimes a second language may be stipulated.

Teaching, translating, government work. Many transfer into social work, finance or retail.


Geography required. Maths needed for BSC courses.

Wide range of occupations including business administration, agriculture, forestry, hydrology, transport, market research, teaching.


Maths and Science. Geography may be accepted as a second science subject.

Mining, quarrying, oil and gas industry, prospecting and processing.


History required. English Literature maybe required.

Broad spectrum of careers including museums, galleries, teaching, public and social services, retail, management.


The quality of passes is much more important than the subjects taken. A Level Law is not required and not preferred.

Practice in legal profession after further training, industry, commerce and public services.

Mathematics; Statistics

Some universities prefer Maths and Further Maths.

Business, finance, retail, transferable skills can lead to good employment.


Chemistry required; Biology preferred by many; Physics or Maths. Specific grades required and interview will be required.

Doctors in NHS, hospital or general practice a few others go into public health, pharmaceuticals, environmental and occupational medicine with industrial organisations.

Media Studies

No specific subjects required.

Film, radio, TV studies, advertising, marketing.


Music required plus instrumental grade required.

Performance based career, teaching.

Nursing and Midwifery

Advanced Vocational Health and Social Care, Sociology, Biology preferred. Driving licence maybe required.

Nursing and midwifery profession.

Ophthalmic Optics

Physics preferred; Maths sometimes required.

Private practice, eye surgery, public health and education dealing with children and the elderly.


Pharmacy; Pharmacology


Chemistry required; Biology and/or Physics often required.

Pharmaceutical companies, research and development, NHS, clinical trials marketing and advertising.


Subjects with strong logical processes, and debate and discussion.

Wide range of career opportunities such as public administration, publishing, banking and social services.


Physics and Maths required.

Scientific and technical work in manufacturing industries, financial work, management, teaching. Some careers based on specific course e.g. astrophysics.


Chemistry and Biology required, with Physics or Maths.

Medical, pharmaceuticals, food and environmental work, research and education.


One or two science subjects are required.

NHS, community health, residential homes some opportunities at sports clubs.


No subject specific, History useful but an arts or Social Science is an advantage.

Management, public services and administration, political activities.


One or two Science subjects or Maths preferred. A Level Psychology is not required and not preferred.

Clinical, educational and occupational psychology. Ergonomics, human computer interaction, advertising, social services, prison and rehabilitation services.


One or two Science subjects required, Maths may be acceptable,  work experience often expected.

NHS in hospital, undertaking therapeutic treatment or in private health care.

Social Studies

A humanities combination including Sociology; Humanities subjects preferred but not subject specific.

Careers in all aspects of social provision e.g. health services, welfare agencies, housing departments, probation services, police force, prison services, personnel work, residential care.

Social Work

No subject specified.

Careers in all aspects of social provision e.g. health services, welfare agencies, housing departments, probation services, police force, prison services, personnel work, residential care.

Teacher Training

A level in subject of choice plus two other subjects; work experience required; interview may be necessary.

Teaching in primary, secondary or further education either in state or private sector.

Theology; Religious Studies

Religious Studies required or preferred.

Preparation for entering religious orders, teaching.

Veterinary Science

Chemistry and Biology required with Physics or Maths. Specific requirements depending on institution.

Private practice, research, firms linked to farming, foodstuff manufacturing, pharmaceutical companies.