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Independent Careers Advisor

Felixstowe Academy invests in an Independent Careers Advisor; Miss Richards who offers one-to-one impartial careers guidance, working with students to consider their abilities, interests and achievements to help make positive informed decisions that suit their life and their circumstances. Miss Richards helps guide students by giving impartial information and possible pathways for their Post 16 options and on the local labour market.

Felixstowe Academy and the Careers Advisor have implemented a three tier approach for SEND students with their Careers Information, Advice & Guidance appointments:

Tier 1 - Students are identified for a Careers Guidance appointment on a one-to-one basis.

Tier 2 – Students are identified for a Careers Guidance appointment on a one-to-one basis with a member of the SEND department.

Tier 3 – Students are identified for a Careers Guidance appointment on a one-to-one basis, with parents and with a member of the SEND department.

Miss Richards also delivers CIEAG workshops for students in Year 7 and Year 8, to introduce students to the world of work and looking at resources and where they can access help with information, advice and guidance.

Year 7 workshops explore resources and options for careers education, information, advice and guidance throughout their time as a student and post 16 options, by exploring online tools and resources. Students will have an understanding of places they can obtain information, advice and guidance and also form a basic understanding of their own personalities and qualities and how this can reflect on the choices they make career wise. Additionally they will have an understanding of the different job sectors and pay scales.

Year 8 workshops focus on the ‘world of work’ and reflecting on how skills learnt in the Academy will be used in the work place. Students leave this workshop being able to identify the different types of work and starting to think about the reasons why people identify with different careers.

The workshops help students to explore Careers and also start thinking about their own journey and career path.

Miss Richards
I have a wealth of experience with delivering impartial Careers information, advice and guidance and helping students in a variety of different ways, whether it is giving information about post 16 options including apprenticeships, talking with sixth form students about likely career progression routes, or giving advice to students from any year to show options available in terms of course choices and post 16 pathways.

I am based here at Felixstowe Academy every Wednesday, where I will be involved in activities such as impartial information, advice and guidance interviews, group work and talks with students.

Any student who wishes to meet with me for help, support, advice or guidance related to careers and future pathways can make an appointment to see me by emailing me at: