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Year 8 Pathways

Felixstowe Academy aims to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that will meet the needs of all our students and allow them to follow the appropriate pathway for the development into a future area of study and onto their chosen career.

We take the process of choosing options very seriously and our aim is that all students and their parents, should be provided with enough information to make informed choices about their future. The Pathways Booklet (please click here to view) is the key source of information available to all, to assist in making the transition process run as smoothly as possible. There is a 'Pathways Evening' which would be beneficial for you to attend, as this will provide the opportunity to have the whole process explained in greater detail, enabling you to have empowered knowledge in supporting your son/daughter to make the correct choices.

Personalised advice and guidance will be provided by Achievement Directors and Senior Leadership Team, so please do not hesitate to make contact with them as they are here to support you and provide guidance through the pathway process.

Once the pathway application form has been returned, checked and approved we will then start work on constructing the Key Stage 4 timetable for the next academic year. Occasionally, it may be necessary for some students to make alternative choices as some subject combinations may prove to be impossible e.g. some class sizes may be too small or because there is a clash with subjects being taught at the same time.

If this happens we will endeavor to explain the issues promptly and assist in providing additional support to select alternatives. It is fundamental that students take the time to discuss with teachers their choice of optional subjects. Once the student has then commenced the KS4 pathway there will be no option to change, so it is VITAL that all students choose their options carefully and discuss with staff the content of the courses on offer.

Please click here to view the Pathway guide.