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Academy Council

The long term aim is the development of an Academy Council to work with the Local Council and enhance the role of citizenship in Academy life by:
  • Raising student involvement and a sense of identification with their Academy
  • Developing a sense of corporate identity within a Year Group
  • Improving channels of communication between the student body and staff
  • Developing a sense of community with the local area
  • Allowing for creativity and responsibility amongst students

New Student Voice Council for Sixth Form
First meeting of new Student Council brings wide ranging roles for Sixth Form Representatives...
Newly elected Sixth Form Student Representatives have met to form the new Student Council, bringing in new roles and responsibilities for student leadership. The formation of the Student Council sees the introduction of new committees that will give students a forum to work with staff to raise standards, supporting communication and feedback. 

Mr James, Director for Sixth Form, introduced the concept for the new structure to representatives at their first meeting, saying ‘We want to encourage students to take roles of responsibility and contribute to key aspects of life at the Academy. Supported by members of the Senior Leadership Team, we want you to play an active part as student leaders in the key areas that will bring success to everyone at the Academy. 

At the meeting, Representatives volunteered to take on leadership roles within the new structure covering Teaching and Learning, Student Wellbeing, Curriculum and Achievement, Academy and Beyond and Charity Fundraising. Meeting outside of the regular monthly Council forum, the aim of the committees will be to feed back information or ideas gained to help student participation which will be augmented by Student Representatives from other year groups in the near future.